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  • The storm rolls in and brings a fresh look to NOG!

    The Storm rolls in and has brought a fresh look to Novus Ordo Gaming. Founded in June of 2006, we are still strong and our membership is growing daily!

    Many changes and new features have been added onto the site.

    Home page has been updated and now provided quick links to make it easier for everyone to find important items. As you can see, the header now reflects links to your specific game if you wish to jump straight to it.
    Please remember, we still have a community forum at the bottom that you need to keep up on.

    Don't forget about our NOG Gear Shop! Cool items like coffee cups, shot glasses, shirts, and other clothing apparel.

    The forums now have a side bar which has cool widgets that you may find useful. This can change on occasion but if you wish to see the full site then click the tab on the right to hide it. This goes for any part of the forum now.
    There are small tabs on the right that will expand or hide them. Including the shoutbox.

    A live chat which can be to someone in specific or in general. We are maxed out at 25 active chats unless we pay monthly. So please remember to close out of your chat when you are through.

    Xbox Live Leadership boards. We have many gamers active in Xbox live as well nG maybe adding Halo 4 as a supported game on console!! The site now reflects the Xbox Live Leadership boards. Please goto your profile and add your xboxb live handle. Go to the top right of your screen, click "Settings", on left click "edit profile".

    Games! Yup, cool oldie games. Enjoy!

    A ranks page has been added with more refined responsibilities and a easier to read format. Please note, we have had a change to our hierarchy which has moved our directors to operations or retired administration. More to come on that soon.

    Competition/Tournament bracket has been added. See the Competitions tab in the navigation bar and look for a post later about some cool community tournaments we will be hosting. Prizes possible!

    Please post in the tech support forums if you find any bugs or issues. If you find something that is hard to read or maybe doesn't match the site then it may be a bug. Also, everyone's access should now be corrected, so if you find something you can not get to then do not assume you are not supposed to have it. Please let me know.

    Lastly, please donate if possible as our monthly costs continue to raise due to the additional games. Any amount, small or large is very helpful.

    All in all, I hope you enjoy the new theme, new toys, and will continue to support nG!
    nG Staff