(Throwback website banners from the start of NOG)

How It All Started:
Here's a little history lesson for everyone. Novus Ordo Gaming (latin for New Order) was formed in June 2006 by Bort and Chowder, under the name "Novus Ordo Gamers", as a Battlefield 2 clan. A couple of months afterwards, !=NO=! (tags at the time) quickly grew, and became a place where gamers shared one common interest; gaming. It wasn't until long afterwards that !=NO=! became one of the most recognizable Battlefield 2 clans in competition, quickly climbing the ranks in both 5v5 Special Forces and Vanilla 5v5 & 8v8, just as fast members were joining. At one point, !=NO=! had a strong member count of roughly 20 active players with many that would jump on from time to time. Rolling into public servers 5 to 20 !=NO=! players deep will always be cherished here, as it was a way for members to enjoy what they love doing, aside from the competitive spirit the clan brought to the table.

(What Ventrilo looked like back in 2006)

The competitive theory of !=NO=! was to have a great time, yet bring a competitive gameface to matches. Over the course of 16 months, from June 2006 to October 2007, !=NO=! aquired a competition record of 71 Wins with 48 Loses within TeamWarfare League, and many more matches unaccounted for at Cyberathletic Ameteur League, reaching the Top 10 on the BF2 5v5 Infantry and 8v8 Conquest ladders, defending the #1 spot in BF2:Special Forces on multiple occassions, and making many seasonal playoff appearances. It wasn't until the TWL Season 6 Tier 3 playoffs where !=NO=! really played their hearts out.

(An old Battlefield 2 match circa 2006)

The Final Season:
Round 1, which took place August 27th, 2007, !=NO=! drew a familiar opponent, their unwritten rivals WDA. !=NO=! had server choice and chose to play in their server, while WDA had the side choice, and chose MEC for the first round of the match. With the USMC's poorly designed guns, !=NO=! managed to fight hard to win Round 1 by capout with a score of 17-0. Switching to the MEC side afterwards, the better gun selection played an excellent part as !=NO=! easily capped out their opponents in Round 2 of the match 77-0.

!=NO=! continued to steamroll through the playoffs, winning becoming the clear picture, which made each winning match a confidence and momentum booster. Playing exceptional with the steady 5 players of DoubleTap, SecretSnipers, F|ooD, MeL, and wm, !=NO=! made it to the Tier 3 finals, drawing a fellow-friendly group of gamers, DOD, as their opponents. All the hard work came down to this moment, as players on both sides were ready to start the match on EastSide, a map altered from the construction side of the Strike at Karkand map. Then, something unimaginable happened. WM, one of !=NO=!'s star players, was having connection issues and was forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as !=NO=! played with 4 players, DoubleTap, SecretSnipers, F|ooD, and MeL, against 5 of DOD's star players. Luckily for the 4 players, they started out on the MEC side. The match begun, and went rather rough, scratching and fighting until the very end. And in a twisted turn of events, !=NO=! upset DOD in a first round win 9-0 playing 4v5. The players at !=NO=! knew they were in for a rough Round 2 as they had to play on the USMC side, which resulted in a easy win for DOD. Now, since Round 3 would be played as the tie-breaker, whoever had the least amount of points lost on both rounds combined had side choice, in which DOD was the successor in that category. DOD easily chose the side they won on; MEC. As Round 3 started, things for !=NO=! started out smoother than the second round, keeping it very tight down to the last 10 tickets. Fighting with all of the heart that was left, it came down to a deadlock tie, with tickets at 1-1. For those that are unfamiliar with BF2's ticket system, when a death occurs and time runs out to revive them, a ticket is lost. One member on each side were killed and it all came down to either a clutch revive, or a clutch kill. MeL, the commander of all 3 rounds, went to revive the fallen teammate, and in the final second of revival time, he was killed. As his body fell ontop of his teammates body, with shockpaddles in hand, the match ended with a devastating lost, 1-0. With the heart that was played in that particular match, and being short-handed at that, the 4 players were speechless. It ended up being !=NO=!'s final competitive match.

Immediately following the match, select !=NO=! members decided to branch off and form a strictly competitive team, while others were left either scratching their heads, following them on over, or becoming inactive. A hole was dug real fast as !=NO=! founders were left with no other choice than to put the once-dominating clan on a permanent hiatus on October 2007.

Novus Ordo Gaming Returns:
In September 2008, a couple of former members sparked an interest in restarting Novus Ordo. Cafoni, an OG, devoted time to locate Chowder, which resulted in another former member, Diesel, giving him his cell phone number. Chowder was called by phone to talk about it, which resulted in the founding members rubbing their rusty defibs together to give Novus Ordo life again with a new name "Novus Ordo Gaming" (opposed to Novus Ordo Gamers) . It started out slow, almost going in and out of hiatus state. When Bad Company 2 was released, interest sparked in starting the rebuilding phase of Novus Ordo Gaming.

A New Chapter:
Triple and Chowder started a Rift Guild when the game came out in February 2011. The two of them never figured that a game they started just to fill in until BF3 came out would have become so popular! Shortly there after many NOG members joined and decided it was time to start recruiting. With help from many we grew to 154 Rift members by August. Impressive! We also met some great people from Calibra, Pineapple Express, and Wheaton's Law. Who would have thought what these relationships would have turned into at that point. . . Before we knew it, Calibra and Pineapple Express joined NOG to make a very impressive force in the Raiding and Shard membership area. As of November of 2011, Wheaton's Law has joined forces with NOG and helped contribute to a total of 200+ members.

Whether you are an old member, or a new visitor, and you are interested in being apart of Novus Ordo Gaming, sign up to the forums and make yourself welcome, fill out an application, and jump on our public ventrilo and game it up. Until next time, be well!