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Thread: Novus Ordo Gaming Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

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    Novus Ordo Gaming Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

    Mission Statement

    To provide a fun, fair, and positive environment for Online Video Gamers regardless of their beliefs, location, and diverse views. We believe that all nG members should be held at the highest level of Pride, Honor, Respect, and Loyalty not just time while gaming but also for on-line social interaction. These attributes remain the foundation upon which we continue to grow our membership and our success today.

    Code of Conduct
    • Dedication/Activity - We ask that upon joining, you find a way to dedicate yourself to Novus Ordo Gaming, especially if you wish to play a game competitively. We aren't asking you to be on every single night, or to donate towards server costs every month, just the little things that can make every other member say "We don't regret accepting his/her application to join. He/she is doing their part here". “Be Active!”
    • Dedication does not mean that you have to play a competitive match/Raid nor make it to practice/scrim. Dedication does mean that you check in with the site every other day or so and keep in touch on ventrilo. To help with recruitment and participate in the growth of Novus Ordo Gaming.
    • Everyone was accepted to this community because of the way they fit in and were enjoyable to talk about real life items. It takes 5 minutes out of your day to check the forums and post here and there. 5 minutes. "Be Active!"

    • Attitude/Respect - Each member in Novus Ordo Gaming is here to have a great time. They want to get to know everyone and play the game with a group of people. While it is known to shout "Bullshit!" and other profanity in Ventrilo, we ask that you have a positive attitude towards other members.
    • I (along with Founding Staff and management) have always had strong views against racial/ethnic slurs. Novus Ordo Gaming has a Zero Tolerance policy for Racial and Ethnic slurs and never should be said, even in jest. Just remember, we are all about having fun and act maturely while following the Novus Ordo Gaming Mission Statement. "Drama-Free!"
    • All of us enjoy razzing and bull-shitting in ventrilo. It is a great outlet to vent (ventrilo lol ) things you normally can not say outside of our group. That is what makes us friends and a great gaming family. However, please remember that everyone is different and something said in jest could be taken wrongly."Drama-Free!"
    • Treat fellow clan members with respect. Most have been here for many years and deserve it.
    Please remember, it is only a game and there is someone behind that monitor that is trying to enjoy themselves. If someone does not want to play, they don't want to play. If someone screws something up in game (pubbing, match, or raids), laugh and joke but move on. If you are irritated, tell the staff that you need to cool off and move to a different channel or sign off for the night. Positive, fun, and easy going attitudes are attributes that this community was built off of.

    In closing, if there is anyone who does not believe they need to follow these basics responsibilities or disagrees with our Mission Statement, then Novus may not be the right place for you.

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