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Thread: Mages 1.11 Heals/Support - The Chlorolock

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    Mages 1.11 Heals/Support - The Chlorolock

    Writing this guide to how I do my Chloro heals per a few peoples request.

    Utilized Abbreveations:

    MT=Main Tank
    RS=Radiant Spores
    WV=Withering Vine
    VS=Vile Spores
    VL=Void Life
    LGV=Life Giving Veil
    LBV=Live Bound Veil
    NC=Nature's Cleansing
    NH=Natural Healing
    EV=Entropic Veil
    HT=Healing Torrent
    ES=Essence Surge
    WG=Wild Growth
    NT=Nature's Touch

    Above is the link to the build I use (51Chloro/15Warlock/0Archon), truthfully I didn't see any need to change it in 1.11. The primary facets to playing Chloro did not change drastically in my most humble of opinions. I know some people swear by pyro-chloro and such, but I prefer having opportunity procs and the increased health from Warlock because now your Radiant Spores now heals based off of 5% of your total health.

    MT heals and Raid heals have similar yet subtly different rotations - Always, always always use Radiant Spores (RS) and Withering Vine (WV), I can't tell you how important that is to your heals. Think of it as a trickle charge on a battery, slowly stacking small heals on the whole party/raid. Chloro is fun like that - whereas Clerics seem to have AoE healer builds, MT healer builds, and HoT healer builds - Chloro does a little of all that jazz. HoTs are Radiant Spores, Withering Vine, Void Life, and lastly the DoT/HoT from Ruin and Vile Spores respectively. Direct heals are Bloom, Natural Healing, and Healing Torrent (Also has a HoT on the back end of it). Flourish is your only real one button raid heal.

    For MT heals you need to have a good fix on your own capabilities/gear and that of your tank. Reason being is for your choice of veils. LGV is obviously your raid heal veil while LBV is for MT heals. Often times you can be designated as MT heals only to find yourself very bored healing the tank with LBV - I almost always just switch to LGV if that's the case. I think I have angered a few other healers in PuG raids doing this b/c the designated raid healers get bored because my heals will tick faster than theirs and I'll slaughter them on the meters while still keeping the tank up. I guess I don't care to much for their hurt feelings, I'll just keep solo healing GP and that's that.

    Anywho - lets talk rotations. For MT heals I do the following:

    LBV up - Tank is target of Synth. Start with RS then WV. Cycle VL once, hit ruin, hit VS. You are now at 5 stack of "Boon of Life" so cast your now insta-cast NT. By now WV is or should be coming down soon - put it back up. Cycle VL, hit VS (Ruin should be on CD if you are fast enough) Cycle VL again (make sure RS is still up) us you insta-cast NT again. Wash-Rinse-Repeat.

    For raid heals substitute LBV with LGV. . . I'm serious. . . it's that easy. Be ready for hitting Flourish in a pinch - it can save a raid!

    Lets talk what we call "ground truth" in the Army. Here is the thing - I can tell you about rotations and such till I am blue in the face, but we all know when the rubber meets the road and your are in a PuG for GSB at 0300 (3AM) with a bunch of other punks who couldn't heal a paper cut "backing you up" things tend to change. What's the most important spell to constantly cast when things get bad? Void Life(VL)! Spam it. Seriously. In an emergency situation when I see a ton of green health bars start dropping like mad I will immediately swap to LGV (if not using already - I usually am) and then I spam the hell out of VL and tag in some Flourish casts when they are up from CD.

    On a final note because I'm tired of typing, lets cover emergency abilities and charge use abilities. Natural Splendor is simply amazing. It heals for ginormous amounts - but use it very wisely, make sure to use it at full charge or it isn't really worth it. Remember that it is a AoE, so if you have multiple targets to hit with it that's good too. The build I linked does not have ES and I will not have it in my build till the expansion comes out. Its just a big heal. . . I find that it isn't needed too often in 1.11. WG is not really an emergency ability in a healing sense in my opinion. The ticks aren't great and it's not as good as Natural Splendor. Cool thing on WG is while it uses up your charge, you are gaining it back just as fast. Thank the Magical Affinity thing in the Warlock tree for that. I use WG for the 10% DMG increase to the group - that's it really.

    That's all I can think of for now. This is what works for me. Word.


    P.S. - Don't forget in the middle of a fight that you can veil swap and synth swap. . . it's important to do, and there is no way for me to tell you when since it's just situational, you have to figure that part out.

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    Awesome chloro guide, tx!

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