Greetings all,

First time I have ever done this sort of thing but in the last two days I have had a couple people ask me about my toon and what I am doing. So instead of trying to type this out in game chat or talk over vent it all I put this together. TAKE IT FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH and if you dont agree with something THEN IGNORE it. If you have recommendations, complaints, or questions feel free to post or hit me up in game

1. The Build and point distribution:

61 Marksman: 61 - max everything

10 Assassin: 5 - Murderous Intent and 5 - Magnify Pain

5 Nightblade: 5 - Burning Rage

2. Decision Time & Attribute Considerations

This stage of the game you have to decide whetheryou want to focus on Attack Power (AP) or Critical Power (CP). General forum consensus is that CP is the wayto go if you are looking for max DPS. After some experimentation I tend to agree that stacking CP is the wayto go and in fact is what I have done.

There is NO attribute that gives CP. In order to gain CP you have to stack lesser's,runes, and equipment. So don't worryabout attribute distribution for CP but you will want to focus on attributes thatenhance your Physical Crit (PC) and Attack Power (AP). AP increase you overall DPS and PC increasesyou chance to get a crit which will cause you to do more damage with high CP.

Dex: .5 PC and .75 AP per point

STR: .5 PC and .25 AP per point

With that being said the basic "formula"I use for evaluating what gear to equip is.

raw CP > raw AP > Dex > Str

END and Armor are minor considerationsunless they are so over the top that it is a game changer. MM's are glass cannons, it's just a fact ofthe game, so deal with it.

3. Buffs

Silver Tip Munitions
Static Shock Munitions
Razors Edge until you can get Honed Edge (fromPlanar Attunement)

4. Crafted Gear

You want "Insidious" crafted gear forthe CP and DEX boosts.

5. Planar Focus load out (as of SL 2.2 and in order or wanting)

Blackest Ebonseed (Life RR)
Jagged Rune Boneshard (Death RR)
Glowing Ebonseed (Life RR)
Hunt Prime Shadow Stalkers Brimstone (TorvanRep)
Hunt Prime Shadow Stalkers Lifewood (Torvan Rep)
Tidal Flowstone (GHunt Rift)

6. Macro's

cast Empowered Shot
cast Swift Shot
cast Free Recoil

cast Free Recoil
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Hasted Shot

cast Lightning Fury
cast Fan Out

7. Rotation

Too situational for specifics and the use of Free Recoil really changes your rotation as it activates but in general this is what I do:

Single Target:

Starting from scratch:

The rolling into:
B>F>B>B>B>B>F repeat

Added to this you want to throw in a tap ofthe AOE button in order to get the Lightning Fury armor debuff and Bulls Eyefor the guaranteed Crit hit. On longfights you will get energy starved so you want to throw in Strafe as needed andlet it full cast.


AOE>AOE>Chain Destruction or Sentry Batteryrepeat

Chain Destruction if the mob is spread outin an arc or fan shape.
Sentry battery if they are grouped up or ina line between primary target and you

8. Other abilities

Deaden - interrupts
Eradicate - purges
Static Shot - roots the target
On the double - speed boost
Retreat - your get the hell out of dodge button
Break free - your get this crap off me button
Conceal - rarely used but does have its uses

9. Credits

While this is my slant on things the following people deserve credit: Popeorgod, Mayi, Geer, and Sparrow as I have much time in discussion with, on runs with, and orpouring over their data in order to get this worked out. Thanks guys!!