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Thread: New to Tera , but what are you guys looking for???

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    New to Tera , but what are you guys looking for???

    Every game I've ever played , I've always played a support role...even in League lol. FFXI and WoW , I played priest/healing class.

    Now as the game downloads and installs... I see there is a priest and a mystic...if enough of you guys play together... which one specifically would help yalls group more? Or is one obviously stronger/weaker than the other class? Does one fall off late game or is one more useful late game?

    I will be looking it up in forums , watching videos and deciding what I think I might like....but you guys have played it before , so first hand knowledge is greatly appreciated.

    Cant say that I'll grind this game out as much as I do League , or as much as I did in WoW or FFXI , I just have to see if its right for me , or even runs on this crappy laptop of mine lol.

    Hope I like it!

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    I don't think we still have the TERA chapter... However, there are still a few of us that play outside of NOG.

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