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Thread: unseennote's Application

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    unseennote's Application

    unseennote's Application

    We are looking for folks who truly want to be part of a group that plays daily. Someone who wants to play like a team player and use ventrilo. We do not need you to be on every day but when you are on then jump in our vent and one of our servers. Isn't that why you are looking for a clan?

    Especially during the tryout period which can be 3 to 5 days we would like to see you as often as possible. After that we have no obligations to you on your time but again, when you are on please join us. Don't wear our tags in other servers by yourself

    If this is not what you are looking for then that is no problem. We really wish you the best in finding a group that fits your life style and we will always be here if you want to pub or join our ventrilo server.

    If we do not see you on during the tryout period then we will postpone your application (unless you let us know you are AFK ahead of time). If you are not on much after the postponement then we will deny the app. You are always welcome to post on your application that you are still interested and we will reopen back up.

    We are a casual group that enjoys playing like a team. Not just a group of guys who throw on tags to lift our membership numbers.

    Good luck.

    Real First Name: Josh
    In-Game Username: unseennote
    Age: 17
    Location: The United States of America
    Where did you hear about us? Feed The Beast Forums
    Games interested in playing: Minecraft
    Are you interested in Raiding or playing competitively with us? No
    If not, why?
    Times and Days Most Active: Weekends, Most times, except when asleep

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    Gamertag: TheYoung0ne77 PSN ID: TheYoung0ne Steam ID: TheYoung0ne

    Hello unseennote, Just hop on vent when you are playing and you are sure to find a good group to play with!

    Vent Info:
    Port: 3844
    Pass: neworder

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